Float room pricing.

Wave LS Commercial Model – $22,550
The Wave LS commercial model is fully automated and was designed for our commercial customers that have limited space to work with. The footprint of this float room is 4′ 6″’ x 8’ 6″ with a side entry or rear entry door.

Wave Classic – $22,950
Our most popular model. The Wave Classic was designed to provide a state-of-the-art, uniquely styled, fully automated float room that will deliver the best float experience for your customers, at a fair and affordable price to you, our customer.

Wave Classic couples size – $25,950
Couples float rooms are becoming more and more popular. At six feet wide, our couples float room will provide luxury space for one floater, or ample space for two to comfortably float together.

Wave Elite – $29,950
This room is truly the “Cadillac” of all float rooms. Comes standard with all optional features, including our newly designed, industry first, Vortex™ filtration system. Our Vortex™ system is the fastest and most thorough filtration system in the industry. It will have your float room clean and ready for your next customer in only 3 minutes.

Wave LS Base Model – $17,995
Perfect for lite commercial, or residential use. This float room is manual operation only, (no automation system). Also built with a more compact design, the footprint of the Wave LS base model is also 4’ 6″ x 8’ 6″ with a side entry door. The Wave LS base model will provide the same awesome float experience as any other float room in the Wave Float Room line up, but will require more hands on attention by you and your staff.


Optional Equipment

Customer-Based Audio System – $590 each

Allow customers to play and control music during their sessions. The system includes an auxiliary connection (for mp3, iPod, phone, etc.)  outside the float room, as well as on/ off and volume control inside the room.

Fully Automated Audio System – $1850 each
Ensure a seamless, consistent experience with a fully automated sound system

  • Music will fade in at the beginning of a float session, play for 1 to 10 minutes, and then fade out
  • With 1 to 10 minutes remaining in the session, the music will fade back in and play until the customer leaves the float room
  • The customer has complete control over the volume, on/off, choice of music, how long the music plays, etc.
  • This system also includes the customer-based sound system
  • Standard on Wave Elite

Automated chemical feeder system for H2O2– $590.00 each
Available on Wave Classic, Standard on Wave Elite

Exterior float room lighting. Automated LED down lighting system –  $1475.00

This lighting system, located on the exterior of the float room, just above the float room door, will eliminate the need for anyone to remember to turn off the lights in the shower area, or will eliminate the need to have to rely on a motion detector to  do the job properly. The automated down lighting system is connected to the float room automation system, and will assure proper lighting control outside of the float room space, (the shower and changing area). This system will turn the lighting on and off at exactly the right time relative to the float session time chosen.

Hayward FLV Series bag/ sock filter – $1950
Available as an add-on feature, for Wave Elite only.

Installation Options

Full installation and setup – $1600
We will perform the complete installation and setup of your new Wave Float Rooms. Travel expenses may be an additional cost.
Consult and assist your contractor – $700
We will consult and assist your contractor with the installation of your new Wave Float Rooms. Travel expenses may be an additional cost.
No installation services will be needed

If you choose to install the float rooms yourself or hire a local contractor, Wave Float Rooms LLC will supply an installation manual and phone support at no additional cost to you.

Shipping Cost – Estimated $1100 – $1400
Typical shipping cost in the USA and Canada.