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Here’s how it works


Potential new customers of WAVE Float Rooms LLC, will be given a voucher for a 60-minute float session, allowing them to test drive one of our float rooms at you facility. The vouchers are only redeemable with one of our WAVE PARTNERS. We will be giving out a hundred or more of these vouchers every year. If you choose to participate as a partner in this program, you will simply accept the voucher as payment for one float session, and redeem the voucher with us. Wave Float Rooms LLC will pay you for this float session by check or PayPal.


This is the other half of the equation. As our potential customers come to your facility to test drive the Wave Float Room, we realize that they will have many questions and will look to you for the answers. We encourage you to share your knowledge. As a token of our appreciation for your time and effort spent with our prospective customer, WAVE Float Rooms LLC will pay you $200.00 for each float room purchased by the holder of the voucher that you have accepted and redeemed. Keep in mind these are serious buyers. Most will purchase multiple float rooms and this is probably their last step before making a decision to purchase.

We hope to see everyone participate in this program. Just fill out the form below to get started.