Vive Float Studio is a three float room facility in Frisco, Colorado

Float Sixty features three Wave Float Rooms at their float center in Chicago, IL

A Better Me is a wellness center in Menominee Falls, WI featuring three Wave Classic Float Rooms

A Healing Trail features two Wave Float Rooms as an add on service to their message and wellness center in Harwinton, CT

Balans Organic Spa in Boston, MS feature one of our Wave Classic Float Rooms as an add on service to their spa facility.

Theta Floats is a two float room center in Franklin, IN

Purest Float is a four float room facility in Trumbull, CT featuring Wave Classic float rooms

Euphoria Float Spa is a full service spa in Northampton, MS featuring floatation therapy and two Wave Classic Float Rooms.

These 3D renderings will help you visualize how the Wave Float Room is designed and how it will fit into your space. For more help with facility¬† layout, go to the “Floor Plan Options Page“.